What is the MADE SAFE® Certification?

The MADE SAFE Certification is a comprehensive human health-focused certification for nontoxic products from baby and personal care to household products and more.

Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: Elated to be Depilated

DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: I am getting electrolysis for the nasty hairs on my chin, neck and lip area soon. What kind of after care should I do to keep my ultra sensitive skin moisturized and prevent redness and bumps after the hair is removed? — ELATED TO BE DEPILATED

Two Top Anti Aging Face Serums for Wrinkles

GOOD FOR: Dry, Sensitive and Ultra or Hyper Sensitive Skin . Premature Aging . Hydration . Anti Inflammation . Pore Tightening . Smoother Skin . Wrinkle and Fine Line Reduction A face serum is essentially a more powerful moisturizing product with higher concentrations of active ingredients than regular moisturizer. You (usually) apply it after cleansing …