DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: I’m a double Pisces. What special kinds of skincare products should I use for my astrological type? — FISHY FEMALE

DEAR FISHY FEMALE: As a double Pisces, you probably spend a lot of time in swimming pools, muddy rivers and local lakes. Chlorine, bromine and other harsh chemicals can take a toll on your skin and dry it up double-time. Be sure to rinse off après pool time with a gentle moisturizing bodywash that has a chlorine removing agent, like Swimmer’s Soap All Natural Aloe Bar Soap by Newton Bay or TRISWIM’s Chlorine Removal Swimmers Body Wash Moisturizing Repairing Skin. But what about your face? Try Summer Solutions Chlorine Neutralizing and Odor Removing Soap Bar. Made from a vegetable and soy base, it works for both your face and your body.

As for mud, it works great as a super effective face mask (kidding!)–be sure to clean off thoroughly after each swim, no matter where you are.

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