Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: Elated to be Depilated

DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: I am getting electrolysis for the nasty hairs on my chin, neck and lip area soon. What kind of after care should I do to keep my ultra sensitive skin moisturized and prevent redness and bumps after the hair is removed? — ELATED TO BE DEPILATED

DEAR ELATED TO BE DEPILATED: Congratulations on choosing this form of hair removal — electrolysis is a great method for safely and permanently removing all types of hair from all skin tones. But you are also right to be thinking of your aftercare now. We checked with a Registered Nurse about the following skincare steps after electrolysis.

You will want to stock your Sensitive Skincare After Care Arsenal with four things:

Follow these steps for best results after an electrolysis hair removal session:

STEP 1: Clean the area with mild soap (wash your hands first).

STEP 2: Apply Witch Hazel, gently and lightly blotting the area. Witch Hazel acts as a cooling agent to help reduce inflammation.

TIP: You can buy Witch Hazel in any drugstore or online. Witch Hazel pads are super convenient. You *can* use Hydrogen Peroxide as a substitute, but it’s a bit harsh for sensitive skin.

STEP 3: Apply 100% pure Tea Tree Oil. It’s very potent, so you need to dilute it. Use a very small amount to dab onto the area. Use 100% pure oil and always use a clean cotton swab or Q-tip to apply it.

TIP: If you are not fond of the strong Tea Tree Oil smell, you can mix it with a little Lavender Oil.

STEP 4: Massage a small amount of COLD Aloe Vera Gel on top of the Tea Tree Oil to smooth and moisturize your skin. Cold Aloe Vera should help with any hyperpigmentation concerns.

TIP: Aloe should be the first ingredient listed on the label. The gel should look clear, not blue or green. Store in the refrigerator.

For more information about electrolysis, see the American Electrolysis Association website here.

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