DIY DAY SPA: Setting the Mood with Oils and Scents

You can easily set up your own day spa; it doesn’t take a lot of equipment or money. The first thing to do is to create the environment (your home, or even office) and set the mood so it feels like a day off at the spa. At DEWFACE, we like using aromtherapy with quality essential oils to set the right kind of relaxed mood. A few essential oils and an essential oil diffuser will do the trick. There are lots of aromatic diffusers on the market today. After trying several of them in your home, we have found that the Young Living Dewdrop Essential Oil Ultrasonic Home Diffuser works really well to create the perfect atmosphere for your best DIY skincare. If you don’t have a diffuser, try applying a few drops of oil to a dry, cotton washcloth and place it near you as you go through your DIY DAY SPA rituals.

Essential oils for your DIY Day Spa

Oil scents come in all types. It really depends on you and what you want to achieve in your personal Day Spa: do you want to feel uplifted and energized, or relaxed and calm? If you are feeling scattered, do you want to clear your mind and focus your energies? Or, do you want to enhance your natural immunity to colds and flu? The right essential oil can accomplish these things.

The 5 Bestest, Most ESSENTIAL Essential Oils

There are primarily five “must-have” essential oils for your home day spa aromatherapy kit (there are more than 90 essential oils in the essential oil world, each with its own unique smell, properties and benefits.) To get started, make sure you have these five oils on hand for your DIY DAY SPA aromatherapy session:

  • Lavender Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Oil
  • Lemon or Orange Oil
  • Rosemary Oil

When shopping for essential oils, quality not quantity counts. Always buy 100% natural or organic essential oils from reputable companies, like doTERRA (based in Pleasant Grove, Utah) or EO Essential Oils (based in San Rafael, California). So how can you tell if an essential oil is a quality product? Often, the packaging tells the story. Is it packaged in a dark bottle? That’s a good sign that the company understands the nature of keeping essential oils effective and fresh.

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