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  • Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: Up in the Air
    DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: I keep hearing about Oxygen Facials. Are they worth it and should I get one? — UP IN THE AIR
  • Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: Face to Face
    DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: I’m traveling and forgot my face moisturizer. Can I use body lotion on my face? — FACE TO FACE
  • Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: Elated to be Depilated
    DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: I am getting electrolysis for the nasty hairs on my chin, neck and lip area soon. What kind of after care should I do to keep my ultra sensitive skin moisturized and prevent redness and bumps after the hair is removed? — ELATED TO BE DEPILATED
  • Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: Serum vs Oil Faceoff
    DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: What’s the diff between a face serum and face oil? Which is better for dry skin? Is there such a thing as an oil-serum? — FACED OFF IN INDIANA
  • Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: Fishy Female
    DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: I’m a double Pisces. What special kinds of skincare products should I use for my astrological type? — FISHY FEMALE
  • Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: So Many Moisturizers
    DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: There are so many organic moisturizers out there. How do I choose? Is there a way to get samples? — SO MANY MOISTURIZERS SO LITTLE TIME (AND MONEY) DEAR SO MANY MOISTURIZERS SO LITTLE TIME (AND MONEY): One of the best ways to try out several quality organic skincare products at the …

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