Ask The FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: So Many Moisturizers

DEAR FRIENDLY FORMULATOR: There are so many organic moisturizers out there. How do I choose? Is there a way to get samples? — SO MANY MOISTURIZERS SO LITTLE TIME (AND MONEY)

DEAR SO MANY MOISTURIZERS SO LITTLE TIME (AND MONEY): One of the best ways to try out several quality organic skincare products at the same time is investing in a hand-packed, relatively inexpensive (around $20 USD) Discovery Box Sample Kit from Ox Box. Their Organic Moisturizer Discovery Box includes three trial-sized organic moisturizer samples and two travel-sized ones. The box also includes discounts if you want to buy a full-sized version of a product you find works for you. (They also have Sunscreen Discovery Box Sample Kits, too for around the same price.)

Ox Box Organic Moisturizer Discovery Box

Or, for around $25 USD you can order an Anti Aging trial gift set from Be Natural Organics, which includes a 6-ml container of their Sea Kelp Moisturizer. The gift set also includes cleanser, scrub and facial mist. You can order several different individual moisturizer samples from Be Natural Organics as well, including a light aloe-based moisturizer sample (6 ml size) called Day Light Organic Moisturizer and a sample-sized container of Natural Glow Moisturizer. See their Samples page here. Enjoy!

Be Natural Organics Anti Aging Trial Set

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